What Kind of Detached Garage Should You Build?

If you have a home without a garage, or a smaller one that does not meet your needs, and you have room on your property, you may want to consider building a detached garage. But with all the choices out there, how do you decide what kind to build?

Type of Storage

Depending on your needs, your garage will serve as a couple of different kinds of storage. First of all, you will probably use it to store vehicles of some sort. Whether that is your daily driver vehicle or recreational vehicles because you have run out of storage in your regular garage, you will have to think about the amount of room you will need.

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You will also need to consider ventilation and whether or not the garage will be climate controlled. This will determine what else you may be able to store in the garage: excessively cold winter temperatures or summer heat can damage some things, and so they must be stored elsewhere.

When considering size and what kind of garage to build, you should also consider shelving, hooks and hangers, and other storage space and tools you may need. Choose carefully to make sure your design can accommodate those things and your vehicles as well.

Stick Built

A stick build garage is one that is built in the same way a house is. A foundation is poured and a frame is built. Then the frame is filled in, and whether it is considered “finished” or not is directly related to whether or not the garage is insulated and drywalled or the frame is left open.

These garages can be very attractive and sturdy, but there are size limitations to them, especially when they are detached from the house. This is also the most expensive way to build a garage, especially when you consider materials and labor.

The materials used in a stick built garage are also similar to those used to build your home, so they are more susceptible to fire than other building materials. This may affect your homeowner’s insurance rates.

Steel Buildings

Several companies like Adaptive Steel Buildings offer several options that will work well when building a garage. These types of buildings are usually thousands of dollars cheaper than a stick build. They can also be larger due to the type of construction and framing they use.

Most of these buildings are a pre-drilled design that makes them easy to bolt together. No special knowledge is required, but you will need to either hire or recruit a few friends to help you with the work.

Still, this is something you can do in a day or a little more, saving yourself even more in labor costs. You will still want to pour a slab, but don’t do so until you get the plans for the building. Just because you want a building certain dimensions does not mean those will be the dimensions of the slab, and each building is different.

Location, Location, Location

This is important. Your city, county, and even your state will have regulations about where you can put buildings and how they need to look. They need to be a certain difference from your home and other structures, and you need to have the proper building permits.

This is one of the most common mistakes that people make when ordering a steel building or starting construction on a stick built garage. Do not place your order for a building or start construction unless you have the proper permits and authorization.

The Power

One of the most important considerations for your building is exactly where the power will come from. Running it from the house is one option, but not always the best one. There may be a power line that is closer or easier to access.

This isn’t something you should decide for yourself. First, dealing with the high voltage wires that run main power to a house is something best left to professionals, and your power company will be able to tell you what the best solution will be.

If you live in a rural area, you could run your garage off a generator, but that will result in some limitations and the need to store fuel as well. In city areas, this may not be practical, as running the generator at certain times may violate noise ordinances

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Other Considerations

Certain neighborhoods have homeowners’ associations who dictate what kind of buildings you can have on your property, how large they can be, and where they can be located. These regulations often involve color and other details.

Be sure to check these and other possible roadblocks before you start construction or order a pre-fabricated building. When those tons of steel show up, they are going to have to go somewhere.

Choosing what type of garage to build can seem like a challenge, but you can easily sort through the choices and determine the option that fits your budget and is best for you and your circumstances.

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